Goat Farming

We provides consultancy services for the goat farming projects, breed development, shelter design & establishments, Health programs, resource procurement for new farms, Integration of existing goat farms with aquaculture & biogas production, establishments of processing units, marketing strategies for livestock products, marketing plans, rural development projects & livelihood generation through goat farming & for many other related activities.


Comprehensive Review

  • “Feeding is 70% cost of production in any type of Animal Farming”
  • In 70/100 times losses are due to casual managemental practices.
  • Poor management is also responsible for poor herd health and low productivity
  • If these two aspects correct and follow religiously/strictly than we can ensure you huge profits.

Prospects of goat farming
(for unconfident new comers only, otherwise everybody knows the Reality)

  • World current goat population = 783 million = 7 arab 83 crore
  • India current goat population = 124 million = 1 arab 24 crore (16.3% of world)
  • Total meat / year = 480 TMT = 480,000,000 Kg = 1kg costs 300/- = 1440 Crore Rupees Revenue
  • Total skin / year = 130 TMT = in goat skin contribute 11% of the live weight, in that case if Animal’s standing weight is 30 Kg than automatically its skin weight is around 3.3 Kg
  • Milk contribution around 7% of the total milk produce in India (total milk = 120 million ton). We will se later how it become profitable
  • 90% of total goats reared for meat
  • In India 41% (510 lakh goats) slaughter every year + 5-10 % mortality (deaths) even than our growthrate is 5%. Isn’t amazing, so prolific.
  • Per person availability of goat meat in India is only around ½ kg
  • These are the figures taken from “ADVANCES IN PRODUCTION AND REPRODUCTION IN GOATS” - 2009 published by CIRG (Central Institute for Research on Goats)
  • But these figures only encourage potential new entrepreneurs to take up goat farming as a full-fledged venture, now question arises “HOW”
  • According to the market stats citing above there is huge demand - supply gap in India. If you observe then you realize that total production is nearly 500,000,000 kg but consumption is around 600,000,000kg.
  • We have 2 markets. 1st - domestic market; 2nd – Export market.
  • Due to unorganized and fragmented production mediators are running the market reaping all profits Most traders prefer second option.


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