GSM Mobile AutoSwitch

We provide Mobile Motor Starter (GSM Mobile Auto Switch) for use in farms.


How do farmer agro mobile switch works?

Farmer mobile auto switch is attached  with electronic starter and in it nokia-105 is attached. By calling on this mobile motor pump can be switched on or off. Any one who calls farmer agro mobile switch or diarls the code the pump is automatically switched on or off. From this we can know there is lack of or not. It can be handled by housewives or children.

Use :

1) Pump can be switched on or off from far.

2)  Used upto that area where mobile phones coverage.

3) To know if there is lack of at the place of pump.

4) To know whether pump is on or off.

Charachteristics/ Features:

1) On keeping the mobile on auto mode one can on or off the mobile and get information related to motor.

2) By keeping starter  on auto mode we can know pump is on or off and after 1 min timar motor can be automatically switched on.


  • Physical outline dimension : 160mm X 95mm
  • Switch ON/OFF pump set through "MISSED CALL"
  • Switch ON/OFF pump set through "SMS"
  • Suitable for ½ HP to 500HP electric motors (1 Phase & 3 Phase)
  • Control through 4 user's mobile phone
  • Suitable for all type of button starters


    • Single phase priventor (SPP)
    • High voltage protector
    • Dry run preventer
    • Phase Imbalance & Wrong sequence detector

  • Auto/Manual ON/OFF Operation feedback by SMS
  • Missed Call (ON/OFF) Starter gets operated through a Missed call
  • SMS (ON/OFF) Starter gets operated through a SMS
  • Status message Module sends the current status of the starter
  • Electricity SMS is sentto the user whenever electricity Restores & Fails
  • Fault Trip is sent to the user whenever starter trips (mentioning the type of fault in SMS)
  • Manual Switch ON/OFF SMS is sent to the user even if someone manually switch ON/OFF the starter.
  • Motor Dry run Protection in case of motor dry run, the starter gets trip
  • Single Phase Preventer in case of single phasing, the starter gets trip & SMS is sent to the user
  • Phase Imbalance or wrong sequence in case of phase imbalance or wrong phase sequence the starter gets trip & SMS is sent to the user
  • Multi Language Support facility to send SMS in English, Hindi, Tamil etc.
  • Multi User At least 4 mobile no can be registered simultaneously to operate the device.
  • New No. Registration We can add new number for the operation.
  • Anti Theft whenever new no is registered if sends SMS to be existing users.
  • CT Calibration by Sending SMS
  • RTC and Event Logging


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