Silkworm Seeds

We provide products and consultation services for Silk Worm Farming.


Success of sericulture depends on quality silkworm eggs. Therefore, management of seed production, interalia transportation and incubation play important role on overall return. To produce quality seed, it is very important to adopt scientific methods of egg production right from seed crop rearing to egg incubation.

We provide consultation services for Silkworm Farming in following areas

  • Disinfection of grainage and implements
  • Seed Cocoons and Transportation of Seed Cocoons
  • Pupal examination
  • Preservation and protection of seed cocoons
  • Early eclosion / artificial eclosion / forced eclosion of moths
  • Early moth eclosion box
  • Synchronization of emergence of moths, pairing, depairing and oviposition
  • Surface sterilization of silkworm eggs
  • Incubation of silkworm eggs
  • Loose egg preparation


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