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There should be 33% jungle in different areas in our country, but in nature there are below 23% of the jungle remaining. Compared to the growing population need, wood is getting depleted. To make the balance use of wood, the government has to spend crores of rupees to the countries like Thailand, Malasia, Singapore, etc. The amount of money could be used for Indian farmers and rural people to encourage them to grow wood, then it may lead to good production of wood.

We provide plants and seeds of all types of trees and consultation as well.


Teak (Sagwan)

Teak (Sagwan), is one of the best type of wood among all the woods. This is not only the king of trees but also important tree. Scientific name for this wood is(Team Teaktona Grandis). It belongs to the varabnesia family. Teak is the most famous wood all over the world. It gives more income in less production cost and is useful for the growing need of population. Teak is not only famous in India but also in west countries.

Sagwan (Teak) is mostly used for household, furniture, decoration, etc.



Indian Mahogany grow up to the height of 30 -40 feet. It is fast upright growing tree with abroad rounded symmetrical crown. It is 20 -30 feet in spread. The fruit is a large greenish brown capsule, splitting into 5 parts relwasing flat, long winged, light brown seeds. Its wood is red brown indian-mahogany-treein colour. Both the male and the female flowers are produced on the same plant. The bark is smooth dark brown in colour. The leaves are pinnate which are 12 -25 cm long, with four to eight leaflets.


Australian Teak

Australian Teak has dense crown of large leaves consisting of many leaflets. In the wild it can reach heights of 36 metres but here in the parklands about 20metres. The individual flowers are creamy white. The seeds are winged and contained in a 5-sgmented fruit.

The dense and rounded crown provides good shade. Although flowers are not showy their numbers make for a good display. The fruit is attractive and often used in displays.


Nilgiri (Eucalyptus)

Eucalyptus is a tall evergreen tree. It attains the height of more than 300 feet. Leaves of the tree on juvenile shoots are opposite, sessile, cordate-ovate and covered with a bluish white bloom. The adult leaves are alternate, lanceolate and are 6-12 inches long and 1-2 inches broad. It eucalyptus-treeflowers are cream in colour. The appearance of its bark varies with the age of the tree. Its bark consists of long fibers and can be can be pulled off in long pieces. Stems of the seedlings and coppice shoots are quadrangular. Flowers are in cymose panicles. The fruit is a capsule.


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